Performance and Powersave on laptops/desktops

Linux sources including Zen, TuxOnIce, Gcc, BLD, cjktty patchsets for desktops/laptops (not for servers).

Main Features: Zen, TuxOnIce (<4.4.23-r2), "Gcc":, "UKSM": (<4.4.21-r1), "BFQ":

Optional (missed in several releases): BLD, cjktty


Git repo
Configs for several hardware configurations
Overlay for Gentoo

The main config settings:

 ++> General setup
        CPU Scheduler (Completely Fair Scheduler (CFS)
        ++> Timers subsystem
                Timer tick handling (Idle dynticks system (tickless idle))  --->
        ++> CPU/Task time and stats accounting
                Cputime accounting (Fine granularity task level IRQ time accounting)
        ++> RCU Subsystem
                [ ] Consider userspace as in RCU extended quiescent state
                [ ] Offload RCU callback processing from boot-selected CPUs (EXPERIMENTAL)

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Linux kernel with patchests for maximum performance and powersave on desktops and laptops.
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